What we do

·         PBK Day Centre for children with non-serious mental disabilities

The primary objectives of the Centre are:

• to receive children between the ages of 6 and 12, retarded in their development, who live in a certain area of Kabul; the Taimani district, where our Centre is, and neighbouring districts like Chalmitra, Kalola Pushta, Khair Khana, Panj and Famil.

• to develop their intellectual and motor-sensory independence, their relationships and their communication and social skills, through basic formation.

• to support the families in order to improve the daily life of these children by fostering better relationships between them and their parents through a better understanding of their medical condition and the related process of rehabilitation.

These services are provided at our Centre:

• Transport for the children
• A welcome into a clean and serene environment
• Basic instruction (reading, writing, counting) according to each child’s capacities
• Drawing and music
• Communication and comprehension
• Personal and social development
• Independence with personal hygiene
• Physical education
• Good food (tea and lunch)
• Free and guided play

The children are grouped according to their intellectual level, so that particular attention can be paid to each one – each child is important.
We celebrate the national and religious feastdays in the Centre.

The ultimate aim is to prepare the greater number of our children for integration into normal schools as soon as possible.

·      Collaboration with local entities

·      Study grants for our collaborators and young  Afghans 

     In a country where women’s education has been prohibited for years, and is a right that is anything but taken for granted, UNICEF has invested large sums of money in providing teaching materials and formation for teachers.  This video shows the beginning of the new school year in a mountainous district of southern Afghanistan.


We in the PBK have also taken the decision to help our teachers and other young people to continue their education through “study bursaries”. We are convinced that, even though difficulties lie ahead, the future of Afghanistan is certainly in the hands of women.                           

·      Helping families in great difficulties

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