Life at PBK Center ( January-July 2012 )

January: The month of January was the month of winter holidays. Children were at home.

February: Generally our Center reopens in the first week of February, but this year winter was severe and very long, so the Center remained closed till the end of the month. But in spite of chill and snow the teachers were coming to prepare the annual plan, the educational material and update their class rooms. During this period of time, from 14th to 16th February, two days seminar, on the development of a child with special needs, was arranged for the teachers at ourPBKCenter. It was guided by Miss Parween Azimi, who is one of the best resource-person for the special education inKabul.

From her school ANAD (Afghan National Association for Deaf) she invited two teachers, who are teaching in the session of special education, and one student fromKabulUniversity, Faculty of Special Education where she herself is teaching. Miss Parween Azimi gave much stress on the wholistic development of a child’s personality, keeping in mind the five areas that are:

1          Physical development

2.         Social behavior

3.         Daily life skills

4.         Intellectual development

5.         Communication

She said that whatever we do with the children in all the activities we should keep in mind these five areas. She said that while teaching them if we give importance only on one area, who will work in the rest of the areas? She stressed also on the team work involving the parents because they also have the responsibility to help in the growth of the child. Since this seminar was held just prior to the opening of the Center it gave a great push to the teacher to prepare themselves to the school year and to welcome the children with much zeal and love.

March and April: These two months were for the new admissions. This year we had 20 new children. Many knocked at the door of our Center, but not all were admitted because either they were too big or too small or too severe while some were admitted, but could not come because living too far and the parents could not afford the transportation’s expenses. At present all together the number of our students is 35. Some of them are coming from very far, but parents are ready to pay the big amount for transportation even with much sacrifice because according to them it is worth spending because they see a lot of change in the life of their child.

24th of March: A new teacher: Zachia   joined PBK staff to substitute Sr. Jamila in her class. She is a very experienced person; she was teaching in a public school, but due to her physical health had to resign. After one year leave she has joined our Center.

April:  On 1st April Bro. Carlo arrived in Kabul. He celebrated his birthday on 28th of February in Nazareth, but we at PBK Center celebrated it on 1st April. It was a big surprise for him. Children presented him flowers and gifts with songs and dances and a big cake was cut and shared by all.

During his stay he used to go daily to the classes in order to know better the children and the teachers. He was happy to see that teachers had their educational plan to follow and they could pay attention to the children. According to him there was discipline in the classrooms and timetable was followed well. He appreciated the hard work of teachers.

5th of April. A great day forPBKCenter because of the arrival of two new Italian sisters: Sr. Irma Conocarpo from the Congregation of Franciscan sisters of Christ the King and Sr. Celine Stangherlin  from the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena. They joined the PBK Project inKabul; they will help the staff in their training of teaching and will work with children in the Center. May God bless them and their new mission.


7th of April:Br. Carlo chaired a meeting of the teachers and welcomed the two new sisters in the staff. On the same occasion he again appreciated the hard work of teachers and encouraged them to improve their qualifications in higher education assuring them a financial help for their study.  He also recommended not to remain close within ourselves, but to be open and ready to welcome university students coming to visit our Center to do their stage work and get the experience of working with disable children.

May 2012: This was the time of the preparation of children’s day which is celebrated at our Center every year with much zeal and enthusiasm in order to involve all the children, specially the new ones. Children were excited to take part in all the activities according to their capacity, but the school study’s program study also was going hand in hand according to the educational plan of each class. Teachers were busy to prepare some more drawings and handicrafts with their children for the occasion.

June 2012:  School study’s program as well as extra curriculum activities continued. The visit of the pediatric doctor started, especially for the new children who, accompanied by their parents, were seen by the doctor. During this month 24 children, born within January and June, celebrated their birthdays. They were divided into two groups: 14 on the 10th of June and 10 on 25th of June. They all brought something from home like cakes and sweets) which were shared with all the children. They looked very cute with their birth day caps and flowers in their hands; they were given a birthday card prepared by their class teacher and gift from the Center (a constructing toy). They were very excited. For some of them it was a unique experience in their life, because according to the family they never celebrated birthday for them.

28th of June: Fr. Wladimiro, President of PBK Association fromRome, and Br. Carlo, from Nazaret, arrived inKabul for a visit and administrative work. For Fr. Wlady it was the first time inKabul. They were given a very warm welcome by the PBK Sisters inKabul and by PBK Personnel. A delicious afghan lunch was prepared by the personnel to be shared by all. Fr. Wlady gave to each one of them a sum of money as appreciation of their service toPBKCenter.

29th of June: There was a grand celebration of the golden Jubilee of Sr. Irma and Silver Jubilee of Br. Carlo. Religious communities inKabul were invited for the occasion. There was a con-celebration presided by Fr. Moretti, with Fr. Wlady and two Jesuit fathers. After the holy Mass a delicious lunch was offered; it was a remarkable day for all the religious inKabul.

30th of June: Children’s day was celebrated at ourPBKCenter. It was a privilege that Fr. Wlady and Br. Carlo were present for the occasion. Mr. Bayan, Dean of Kabul University of the Department of special Education, Miss. Parween Azimi, three teachers from one of our neighbor school and little Sisters of Jesus were present, along with the children’s parents. Children presented on the stage a beautiful program, guided by the community sisters and teachers. The program consisted on: National Anthem, songs, poems, games, tableau and dances. Parents were very happy, especially those who for the first time saw their child on the stage. At the end children were given gifts (school bags) by Fr. Wlady; refreshment was served to all.

July 2012: On 1st of July Fr. Wlady went back toRome. Before he was working for the Center from far, but now he was happy to see by himself the progress of the Center and a big gathering of the parents.

5th of July: There was the staff meeting with Br. Carlo. In his evaluation he shared his view saying that he was happy about the children’s program performed on the stage, but he insisted that due to this program, curriculum’s study and other activities should not be left aside, because our main objective is to prepare the children for inclusive education. He gave a very useful and practical proposal for the outgoing students. He suggested to select the number of the students who will be ready to go to the public school next year. He said to give them special coaching in Dari and math and this coaching should be done only by two teachers Farida and Zalekha. Daily enough time should be given to these two subjects. This program should begin in September and continue up to December. The children proposed by the teachers as outgoing students are: Sahar, Fristha, Habib, Atiqullah, Suria, Fozia, Fardin and Amanullah;. There are two more students: Riaz and Mehedi who need a little help and can follow these special classes, thus being prepared for a future insertion into the public school.

For the month of Ramadan some exceptions were given such as: on Thursday there will be holiday and daily, teachers can go home at 2,30p.m. instead of 3 p.m. At the end of the meeting Br. Carlo made some important announcements:

  • Sr. Annie will soon go for her 40      days retreat inIndia
  • Sr. Jamila will leaveKabulfor good in      the month of August
  • Sr. Celine will be the coordinator      in the Center
  • Sr. Irma will help the students in      the Center wherever is needed and possible for her.


In the month of July we got two sad new: one was the death of Majan our ex cleaning lady. Some months ago suddenly she got sick and paralyzed. Sr. Annie, being the physiotherapist offered her help but then she herself got a wrist broken and could not continue to help her.

The father of Sahar, one of our students, died due to heart attack. We extended our condolences to these sorrowful families.

Thanking God the rest of students are doing well. All activities went on as usual, plus the regular visit of Dr. Taj, the pediatric.

From March to July we saw a lot of progress in the wholistic development of the children. Many of them have started speaking, many have improved their social behavior; almost 8 children are getting ready to go to the normal school and many other are growing according to their own rhythm.

Every year we have twice teachers-parents meeting. The month of July was dedicated to these meetings. Teachers met the parents individually to speak about the child’s progress and limitation so that family also can take part in the development of the child. Teachers showed their note book. Parents seeing the progress of the child expressed their gratitude to the PBK Association and PBK personnel working in the Center. We too extend our gratitude to all our well wishers and benefactors for their generous help for these vulnerable children.


PBK Community SistersKabul

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