Who we are

How the Association “pro bambini di kabul ” PBK (for the Children of Kabul) was born

On 7 April, 2004, before the Notary Dr. Maria Chiara Bruno, whose offices are at Lungotevere Sanzio 9, Rome, THE CONSTITUTION and Statute were drawn up, and the first Managing Council of the PBK Charitable Association was appointed. These acts are registered in the Catalogue (Nos.9872 –3421) of the Official Registrations made by this notary.

On the same day (7 April 2004) there was a meeting of the 14 legal representatives or bursars general of the 14 Religious Institutes of men and women which wanted to found and become part of the Association. They were:

Don Giulio Noseda ( Congregation of the Servants of Charity – Opera Don Guanella)
Sr Giuseppa Germania (Institute of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of the Word Incarnate)
Sr Elsa Ciccinato (International Institute of the Sisters of St Marcellina)
Sr Irma De Oto (Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena)
Sr Maria Teresa Arbide (College of Women Missionaries of St Francis of Assisi)
Don Bruno Fraulin (Religious Province of SS Peter and Paul, Apostles: Opera Don Orione, Congregation of the Little Work of Divine Providence)
Don Lorenzo Sibona (Society of St Joseph, Turin, Generalate)
Padre Fortunato Siciliano (Congregation of Rogationist Fathers of the Heart of Jesus)
Don Fernandez Fermin (Institute of the Little Work of Divine Providence, of Don Orione)
Sr Poletti Maria (Congregation of the Little Servants of the Sacred Heart)
Sr Tagliabue Vittoria (Congregation of Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, of Ivrea)
Fr. Poggi Natalino (Congregation of Sons of the Immaculate Conception, Generalate)
Padre Grieco Michele (Foundation of St Jerome Emilian, Roman Province of the Somaschi Clerks Regular)
Sr Naiz Caberlon (School Sisters of Notre Dame).

The first Council to be appointed was composed of seven members:

Don Giancarlo Pravettoni, President
Sr Anna Maria Stangherlin (Sr Celina Stangherlin), Vice President and Secretary
Sr Maria Teresa Arbide
Sr Vittoria Tagliabue (Sr Chiara Tagliabue)
Sr Elsa Ciccinato
Fr Da Silva José Jonas
Don Crucitti Domenico
The legal seat of the Association at that time was in Rome, at Via Zanardelli 32, the USMI building.

In the words of article 5 of the Social Statute: The Association is non-partisan and non-confessional: it does not allow discrimination for reasons of race, gender, language, religion or political ideology, and is a non-profit-making concern.

We give thanks to the Lord who inspired John Paul II to cry aloud to the world, “Save the children of Kabul!” and we are grateful to Don Giancarlo Pravettoni whose response (together with many Institutes) to this cry became the PBK Project.  The Project has now been in operation for several years, and its aim is simply to be a witness to the prophetic presence of inter-congregational religious life in a country like Afghanistan, which is called to be a corner of the Kingdom of God.

May the Lord continue to bless our intentions and our projects.


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