What are the children at the Centre doing?

Recently we have had two visitors from Italy: Mothers from two Congregations of the PBK: Mother Elvira, Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, and Mother Ernesta, Councillor General of the Sisters of St Joseph Benedict Cottolengo. This summary of the reports they sent tells us what they observed.

We visited the PBK Centre at various times to see it at work. We were present for the saluting of the flag, for the prayers, at tea-break and at lunch, during the free play, and during the group activities of singing, dancing and organised games. We also went to fetch the children in the minibus, and into classes while the teachers were giving lessons.

All activities were carried out in a well-organised schedule that alternated proper school work and play. All activities take place within the special educational project, since these children have great need of repeated stimulation to help their motor and play skills, musical and linguistic skills. The children enjoy themselves and at the same time are learning to be independent, and competent to look after themselves at various levels.

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