PBK Management Council

On 16 April 2013, the PBK Charitable Association proceeded to elect the new Management Council 2013-2016:

  • President: Don Wladimiro Bogoni                   (Servants of Charity – Guanelliani)
  • Vice-President:P. Jessi G. Martirizar             ( Rogazionisti del Cuore di Gesù)
  • Bursar: Sr Ines Palamin                                        (Little Servants of the Sacred Heart)
  • Adviser: Sr Lillian Raphael                                  (Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena)
  • Adviser: Suor Rita Angela Anselmi                (S. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo)
  • Adviser: Don Bruno Fraulin                               (Opera Don Orione – Orionini)
  • Adviser: Sr Augusta Keller                                  (Sisters of St Marcellina)

The inter-congregational community of Kabul

The PBK community is inter-congregational, formed by sisters belonging to different women’s religious Congregations. It is committed to live and give expression to the ecclesial reality of communion of charisms. This was the intention of the Congregations belonging to CISM and USMI , which felt themselves challenged by the cry of John-Paul II in his Christmas message of 2001: “Let us save the children of Kabul” and wanted to give a response. These sisters live in Kabul, Afghanistan, in solidarity with a country and a people marked by ancestral tribal tensions, proud of their cultural and religious identity, and lacerated by interminable wars. Their strength is their trust in God, the Trinity of Love. Putting their charisms in common, they experience and give witness that living together in peace, Gospel fraternity and the forgiveness Jesus asked his disciples to practise are possible, and that for today’s world they are a strong sign that is still capable of causing surprise. They show this in prayer, fraternal life and mission. They are committed to caring for mentally disabled children and to realising the PBK Association’s project of solidarity.

At the present time there are three resident sisters:

sr.Martha Catharine  Barkat   delle Suore Domenicane di Santa Caterina

Sr.Mariammal Irudayasami, Guanellian Sisters ( FSMP )

 sr. Chalaveettil Antony Seena  Sisters of St Joseph Benedict Cottolengo










Country Representative:

Bro. Carlo Fondrini, Servants of Charity (Guanelliani)











Religious who have served at PBK.

Rossini P.Giacomo Alberto,  dei Rogazionisti del Cuore di Gesu’.

Direttore e Lagale Rappresentante dal 2007 al 2011


        Porru Sr. Maria Giovanna, delle Suore di S.Marcellina


Homel Sr. Elzbieta Barbara (Sr. Ela),delle Suore Francescane Missionarie di Maria


Małgorzata sr. Sielużycka ( sr.Gosha), delle Suore Francescane Missionarie di Maria.


Dainese Sr. Michela, dell’Istituto delle Piccole Ancelle del Sacro Cuore



   Barkat Sr. Razia Martha Caterina, delle Suore Domenicane di Santa Caterina



Emmanuel Sr. Jamila Mariam, delle Suore Domenicane di Santa Caterina 



Sr M. Irma Conocarpo, Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King, Venice







Sr Celina Stangherlin, Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena







sr. Annie Joseph Puthemparambil, Sisters of St Joseph Benedict CottolengoDSC00905-150x150

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